Vision / Mission

Le Faxx Organisation, the fashion clothing manufacturer was established in 2001, en enterprise that is located on the european side of Istanbul. The organisation is developing in quick tempo and after relatively short period of time the company became one of the most successful clothing producer that is operating in more than just one country.

The founders of Le Faxx, Mr. Nurettin Vedat Dogan and Mr. Ibrahim Onder are deeply convinced that the main objective of Le Faxx’s business operation is to make the fashion more customer orientated by providing our clients with the latest fashionable clothing based on high quality standards, for reasonable prices.

There are some special features that distinguish Le Faxx from the competitors. In particular, the company uses the business model based on the turnaround time and the customer feedbacks, also the own research departments based in the headquarter in  Istanbul (TR), factory office located in Sivas (TR) and the Germany based office (Sindelfingen) as one the major sources of information. We separated the following characteristics of Le Faxx that contributed to the successful functioning of the company and helped it to correspond to the changing demands of the customers: Le Faxx’s vertical integration of design, short timelines in manufacturing, in-house sampling, transportation/delivery, flexible structure, quick response policy and advanced technology.

The designers of clothing at our company are able to forecast, design, manufacture and deliver the new models to our customers during four to six weeks. Besides, the changes to the existent pieces of fashion may be made during only two weeks and that is faster as compared to the competitors.  While overseas contract manufacturers may require hefty lead-times, trying to guess and forecast what customers want months in advance is a tricky business. Our organisation is manufacturing its collections in accordance to the fashion trends and such garments belong to the half of its production. Besides, it puts away those products that are not corresponding to seasonal requirements. At present time, Le Faxx is sampling more than 10,000 new items each year and these models are mostly successful as they are created in accordance with the demands of our customers and the industry trends. Therefore, the corporate objectives of the company are very high as the management is going to expand the current capacity and to produce more items per year.

Our showrooms are performing very special role in the entire operation of the company. The showrooms are not only a point of sale but also the factor that may influence the design of the new items and also the speed of the production. It is a place where our highly skilled staff and our customers come together, it is a place of creativity, innovation and expertise. Our managers at Le Faxx regard the showroom as the end and starting points of their business system and pay special attention to their proper functioning and monitoring of their activities. Moreover, the customers’ point of view is also taken into consideration and the main approach of the company is based on the investigation of clienteles’ judgements on the new qualities and designs of clothes.

Our staff members are travelling to exhibitions, fashion metropoles and observing people on the streets and searching the information in the mass media in order to collect valuable information. Therefore, Le Faxx managers demonstrate real interest to the end-consumers and public point of view about the new garments and build their business strategy of this factor. This assists our designers and managers for an wider understanding of customers wants and needs.

Le FAXX is attempting to create the situation of scarcity and opportunity while delivering regular qualitative samples of the new products to the clients. This strategy is also considered to be quite beneficial as the customers get the chance to see and touch buy original fashion that reflect their end-consumers. The main part of strategy is that Le Faxx clients are able to influence the makings  constantly, with their own desires.

The three key factors in Le Faxx business model – time factor, quality, and the price as a source of success – emphasise on the company’s customer orientation and contribute to the successful functioning as compared to the competitors.