-  Child Labor

Our company is against the use of child labor, in this order Le-Faxx established its hiring police that includes a minimum age of 15, which is determined by the local law. Currently the youngest member of our factory staff is 18 years old, and the average age of employees is 31. It is also important for us, that companies we are working with, are also following this regulations, we are definitely do not support any organizations who employ persons under the age of 15. At the same time lefaxx is trying to motivate organizations from any sector to set a minimum employee age behind their factory doors and to say NO to child labor.

Only people at or above the age of 15 maybe be present in the work areas. Only in the case of a guided tour, conducted by an appropriate factory staff, may people under the age of 15 enter the work areas.


-  Disciplinary Practice

We are not utilize business partners who use corporal punishment on forms of mental or  other physical coercion. This is not tolerated in our company, our managers and supervisors never threaten the use of or practice any form of physical discipline or harmful physical contact, no matter how slight. Verbal abuse or abusive disciplinary tactics or procedures is also not existing in our organization. Le Faxx don’t allow any of these practices, our managers and supervisors are trained in disciplinary procedure compliance, our workers receive instruction on their rights under national law and company expectations. Le faxx Management system is well established inside the whole organization, different managing techniques are used to eliminate disciplinary corporal punishments.

-  Ethical Standards

Lefaxx is providing access to workers, records and factory work areas, and we are cooperative and transparent during customer assessment processes. We do not allow any type of corrupt or unethical practices, such as paying bribes in exchange for jobs, preferential treatments, etc.

We do care of our employees:

-  Contracts are based on the local law requirements

-  No annual firings and re-hirings

-  No underpayments

-  Complete and accurate working-hours is set

-  Payroll documents and records that represents true work conditions

-  No unauthorized subcontracting

-Working Hours

Following the EU regulations, the working hours in our company are based on 48 hours per week, with a maximum of 12 hours overtime. It is for our employees allowed to take at least one day off per week. However the management created for each member a personal timetable that allows our staff to be under the 60 hour per week limit, generally our staff is working in average 53 hours per week. Our factories are recording all employee working hours completely and accurately, and these are available for review to our staff.

-Wages and Benefits

LeFAXX provide wages and benefits that comply with the applicable law and match the prevailing local manufacturing and finishing industry practices. Our payments are generally greater than the minimum wage which is set by the government, we are in compliance with the law with respect to all of our employees. Workers are paid the legal rate for all overtime hours worked. Le Faxx staff is receiving certain benefits e.g. retirement benefits, health insurance, workman’s compensation, etc. and we are always in compliance with the law. Payroll records are given to our workers monthly, and they are available for review during the office hours. It is important for Le-Faxx that every wage payment meets the legal requirement.


-General Labor Practices and Freedom of Association

We respect employees rights to form an join organizations of their choice and to bargain collectively. Our company ensure that workers who make such decisions or participate in such organizations are not the object of discrimination or punitive disciplinary actions and that the representatives of such organizations have access to their members under conditions established either by the local law or mutual agreement between the Le-Faxx  company and the worker organization.

-Temporary workers have the same wages, benefits and other conditions of employment as permanent employees after 6 months, or earlier.

-Written employment contracts with every employee is made and also provides every employee with a signed copy of their contract.

-Contracts are handed out in a language that workers understand.

-Our company maintains a personnel file for each of our member, that contains appropriate   employee records such as signed age-verification documents, employment agreements, disciplinary notices, leave  and benefit records.

-LeFaxx is providing employees with all work tools, materials, badges, etc.

-No unauthorized homework in the production of any LeFaxx product is given.

-Employees are informed about their rights orally and also in written form.

-Our company has established accurate, complete and reasonable internal rules and regulations, written in a language that workers understand and posted in a visible/accessible location.

-LeFaxx is effectively communicating its internal rules and regulations to employees.



While we recognize and respect cultural differences, we believe that  workers should be employed on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.

-Factories’ hiring, compensation, promotion, termination and retirement practices and access to training is based on every individuals characteristics. Practices that use religion, sex, ethnicity or national origin, disability, political affiliation, social status, sexual orientation, actual or perceived HIV status or legal migrant worker status as a basis for the above is prohibited in our company. Discrimination in any form is not allowed at the organization of Le-Faxx.

-Our organization is meeting any legal conditions on working environment for women and pregnant, post-partum and lactating women.

-Women returning from maternity leave are be given an equivalent position and equal payment.



Our factories have all current permits as required by law (including business and operating permits, fire-safety and electrical certificates, permits for equipment such as boilers, generators, elevators, fuel and chemical storage tanks, etc. and building, emissions and waste-disposal permits). All our permits are available for review.